BBC Worldwide Creative Summit


Sep 20, 2014 0 Comments

I had the absolute pleasure to be part of the BBC Worldwide Creative Summit at the beginning of this month. The purpose of the event was to inspire around 100 staff members to think creatively who came from places including Europe, America and Australia. This was produced by a series of talks and Q&A sessions by people from numerous industries (art, music, fashion, design and marketing) during the course of two days. As you will see from the photos I performed when people entered and interacted with the BBC staff. From that I was involved in a talk called ‘Problem Makers’, focussing on how I created an audience through my artistic career and how in my mind anyone could achieve this in a creative way. You can find the organiser, Charlie Henniker’s quote below, on his view of my contribution for the day.

‘Philip came to speak at the BBC Worldwide Creative Summit in Bethnal Green. He was briefed to speak about being a ‘Problem Maker’, identifying a new creative route and extending it to brand partnerships, and embracing the ‘What If?’ approach. This was preluded by a performance piece at the start of the event. Both were really well received, and Philip was utterly engaged with the purpose of the event from the outset – this resulted in a brilliant presentation and really positive feedback from all attendees.’

Charlie Henniker, Lead Creative, Content Marketing and Creative, BBC Worldwide

Images copyright BBC Worldwide taken by Michael Swann

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