Videos with Philip:

Philip was invited to be part of the BBC Worldwide Creative Summit. The purpose of the event was to inspire around 100 staff members to think creatively who came from places including Europe, America and Australia. This was given with a series of talks and Q&A sessions by people from numerous industries (art, music, fashion, design and marketing) during the course of two days. Philip was involved in a recorded talk called ‘Problem Makers’, focusing on how he created an audience and how anyone could achieve this in a creative way. You can also find more images here.

Philip was contacted by Lani Pratt via email. Lani said how much her family and particularly her son Michael, who at the time was 11 years old and has alopecia, loved his work and were inspired by what he was doing. Even though they were living in San Francisco, USA, and Philip in London, UK, Philip happened to be visiting San Francisco 6 months later and offered to meet up with Michael and produce his favorite design of Philip’s on his head. Philip spent the day with all the family while doing art on Michael’s head. Here was the wonderful result in their get together with Pinheaded (hundreds of tacks/drawing pins stuck to the head) being produced. Michael went to school that day with the design on.

Find the video ‘Headism’ from Philip’s debut exhibition. There are extracts of Philip’s process, the show, displaying at the Victoria & Albert Museum, working with LifeCast, Daniel Regan and Kat Sinclair. Directed by Viviane Castillo.

Supported by Art Below this is the video shown on digital project screens across the London Underground including Liverpool Street Station which can be seen here.

Philip was interviewed about his head art live and direct to Australia’s main breakfast news show, Network TEN. It was great to spread the message to a new audience the other side of the globe. What was even more special about it was the email he received 24hrs later from little Jesse.


My name is Jesse and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I am seven years old and I have complete alopecia like the boy in America. I saw you and your awesome art on television one morning and my mum said that would be cool for me because sometimes I find it hard to take my hat off and then we saw the boy with alopecia. If you ever come to Australia can you let me know because I would love you to use my head as an art space it would mean a lot to me.
Thank you so much, Jesse.

Film showing Philip displaying his live art piece ‘Crystalized’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum and interacting with the audience.

Headism: Head Casting by LifeCast.

Philip was chosen to be part of a documentary looking for four of the most original people in the UK, supported by Stoli Vodka. The short film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in London.

A trip into the London Underground to see a poster in Belsize Park Tube Station supported by Art Below.