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BBC Worldwide Creative Summit talk video


May 27, 2015 Comments are off

I was invited to be part of the BBC Worldwide Creative Summit last Autumn. The purpose of the event was to inspire around 100 staff members to think creatively who came from places including Europe, America and Australia. This was given with a series of talks and Q&A sessions by people from numerous industries (art, music, fashion, design and marketing) during the course of two days. I was involved in a 10 minute recorded talk you can watch below called ‘Problem Makers’, focusing on how I created an audience and how anyone could achieve this in a creative way. Enjoy and if you scroll down you can see a few more images of the day.

Roundhouse – Camden Town – London


May 23, 2013 0 Comments

I had the pleasure to perform my art work ‘Crystalize’ at the Roundhouse in Camden Town, London. For you as a reader to explain the interaction of my work and the intimacy I have with each person when we meet, Amanda Palmer’s TedTalk about the ‘Art of Asking‘ might explain some form of what it is like for me when these connections happen and where my art and other artistic mediums are going. My view is ‘selfish art is dead’ and art now is moving into being collaborative and ‘giving back to others’ and society. I am still thinking a lot about this and in some ways still at the beginning of these thoughts. In the meantime find some images from my performance. Photos by the superb ShadowPhilip Levine - Live Roundhouse Camden - Photo by

Philip Levine - Live Roundhouse Camden - Photo by

Roundhouse Performance


May 6, 2013 0 Comments

I am very much looking forward to performing at The Roundhouse in Camden Town. Having performed both at Somerset House and the Victoria & Albert Museum in recent years it is pleasing to keep developing my art form in such prestigious venues. I will be showing ‘Crystalized’ from 1-4pm on May 11th as part of The Accidental Festival. Here is a recent image of one of the banners displaying down the main high street promoting the event with the Roundhouse underneath. Can you spot a familiar face on the banner?

The Roundhouse

The Coffee Art Project


May 1, 2013 0 Comments

I was privileged enough to be part of The Coffee Art Project in aid of Project Waterfall during The London Coffee Festival. I donated my ‘Coffee Bean’ head picture below which was seen by over 15,000 people during the festival and will be auctioned off for charity to raise funds for clean water to communities in Tanzania. Coffee power!

London Coffee Festival 2013Coffee Bean Head Philip Levine

Old Street Tube Station Poster


Apr 25, 2013 0 Comments

Following my previous post find the ‘Sequin Souls’ poster displayed in Old Street Tube Station, London Underground. The collaboration was with Sequin Kay and Ani Lang and the poster supported by Art Below. I have also included some outtakes from our shoot to see what the design looked like from different angles that I hope highlight the concept of nature and spirituality that Sequin Kay wanted to produce. A very successful collaboration and I hope to work with both creatives more again in the future.

Old Street Tube Station

Sequin Souls Quartet

Sequin Souls


Apr 10, 2013 0 Comments

I have recently been collaborating with some very talented artists. One being Sequin Kay who works primarily with sequins and has strong belief in spirituality and nature. With this we experimented a few times together before we came up with a leaf pattern design that came from the base of the neck and moved to the front of the head. From that having previously met the wonderful Ani Lang who took photographs at my CSM talk, we asked if she would be kind enough to take photos of the artwork. Here is the final chosen image that will be displayed on the London Underground, Old Street Tube Station, by Art Below. More outtake shots to come soon.

Sequin Souls Philip Levine

Cadbury Creme EggHead – Happy Easter


Mar 28, 2013 2 Comments

So after many years of enjoying this confectionery I decide to pay a tribute to the Cadbury Creme Egg by producing the ‘Cadbury Creme EggHead’! The Ultimate head design for Easter I think, don’t you? Kat Sinclair and I got together one cold London afternoon while chomping on the smaller version and the wonderful Daniel Regan took the photos (if you haven’t seen our past exhibition check out How do you eat yours? Or maybe mine will tempt you! Happy Easter.

Cadbury Creme Egg Head 1

Cadbury Creme Egg Head 2 Philip Levine

Central Saint Martins Talk


Mar 24, 2013 1 Comment

At my talk for Central Saint Martins I brought up a question ‘Do we now, as humans, experience a lack of stimulation and engagement with ‘Still Art’ in museums or gallery spaces?’. I think this is very relevant question to consider. With such establishments as PunchDrunk Theatre partnering with The National Theatre and The Tate Modern permanently dedicating a space by 2016 to exhibiting live art, performance, installation and film work, it only seems a more relevant discussion to us all within the cultural world of how art is developing for the viewers of the future. Thanks to Ani Lang for taking the photos.

Philip Levine CSM Talk 1Philip Levine CSM Talk 2Philip Levine CAM Talk 3Philip Levine CSM Talk 4